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A Look at 32… In Training, Work, Travel + Life

I turned 32 last week, which means I am officially firmly planted ‘in my 30s.’ For the last few years, I’ve tended to do some kind of birthday post, because I usually try to use this time each year as a mid-year reflection point …

coping with a bad workout

How to Cope With (and Turn Around) a Bad Workout

Bad workouts are a fact of life/training. They’re impossible to avoid… and honestly, I try look at a crappy workout as a positive in a lot of ways. Feeling exhausted? That may be because you went super hard the day before, or maybe it …

Necessary Come-Down Periods in Training, Racing + Work

Necessary Come-Down Periods in Training, Racing + Work

For me, getting through my first race and the book launch has led to a pretty big come-down the last couple of weeks. While I’m still plugging away at work and training, I definitely needed the time at home just coming back to some …