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Finding Motivation to Run

Finding Motivation to Run

As a runner, finding motivation to get out the door can be a daily struggle. I remember vividly the first runs I did when I was 19 and just getting started. I knew how many blocks I needed to run in order to do …

How Runners Can Motivate With Healthy Self-Talk

How Athletes Can Motivate With Healthy Self-Talk

What do you say to yourself when you run? For most of us, we aren’t the nicest when the going gets tough. I realized after we talked to Rebecca Rusch on the Consummate Athlete Podcast and she dropped this knowledge bomb about self-talk that …

8 Productivity Hacks For Runners

The Best Productivity “Hacks” For Runners

Hi, my name is Molly Hurford and when I was eight years old, I had an inbox and an outbox, a filing system for correspondence, and had read every book that the Hunterdon County Library had on organization. I love a good organizational/productivity book, …

colorado classic

Colorado Classic Is Live This Week—Support Women Racing!

The 2019 Colorado Classic, August 22-25, is the only UCI standalone women’s stage race in North America; raising the bar with quadrupled prize purse, team stipends, live streaming and longer, more challenging routes RPM Events Group LLC, organizers of the Colorado Classic, will offer …