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Simple, Healthy Vegan Recipes for Athletes

As some of you may know, I started my ‘athletic career’ as a vegan… and admittedly, a VERY unhealthy one. (I mean, I was driving to Brooklyn to get vegan fast food several times a week. From New Jersey. Also, Oreos and Mountain Dew …

The Only Chili Recipes You'll Ever Need

Athlete-Friendly Chili Recipes For… Chilly Days.

Chili is genuinely one of my favorite things to make—I freaking love our CrockPot!—so when Outside asked me to get a bunch of chili recipes from a huge variety of chefs and athletes, from vegans to vanlifers to Alexi-freaking-Pappas, I was super stoked. I …


Why Are There So Many Vegan Ultrarunners?

Peter and I have a running joke at this point, whenever I mention I was interviewing an ultrarunner for an article / for our podcast / just because I want to get some tips: I say I chatted with a super rad ultrarunner, and …