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Sonya Looney's Plant-Based Nutrition Tips

Sonya Looney’s Plant-Based Nutrition Tips for Athletes

As you all know, endurance mountain biker Sonya Looney is one of my favorite amazing humans—I love her badass attitude towards tackling some of the world’s hardest MTB stage races, her entrepreneurial drive, her rad podcast, The Sonya Looney Show (where she’s had me …

How Emil Johansson’s Autoimmune Disease Has Impacted His Diet

Emil Johansson on Autoimmune Disease and His Diet

Emil Johansson isn’t the typical athlete I’d feature on here, since normally I write more about women on this particular site, but when I interviewed him, his story of coming back from autoimmune disease (and back injuries) and how it impacted his eating was …

Road Cyclist Tayler Wiles Fuels Her Rides With Cookies and Real Foods

How Road Cyclist Tayler Wiles Fuels Her Rides

I remember interviewing Tayler Wiles back when I was writing Fuel Your Ride and loving how she refused to eat gels or ‘fake’ ride foods on the bike, even in most races. So, it was even cooler to interview her again four years later …

travel camp food box

What’s in Her Bag: Our Camp/Van Food Box

The ‘What’s in Her Bag’ section is one of my favorite things to do each week. Each week, I’m featuring the everyday/gym/race day/sport-specific/food bag of an athlete that I love, or sharing what’s in my own bag. We started with my everyday bag, pro …

5 Ways to Save Money on Backpacking Food

5 Ways to Save Money on Backpacking Food—Plus a Bonus Tip!

Over on Outside’s website, I just wrote an article all about top ways to Save Money on Backpacking Food. It was perfect timing, since we’re heading back to Killarney for another hike/run of La Cloche in July and in September (eek!) and both times, we’ll …

Your No-BS Guide to Summer Hydration

Your No-BS Guide to Summer Hydration

If you’ve been wondering how to hydrate as temps rise, Stacy Sims chatted with me over on Nylon about some no-BS tips for summer hydration.  (She’s also on The Consummate Athlete Podcast with us this week!) I love talking to Stacy about most things, and …