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The 30-Minute Run Workouts You Should Be Doing

The 30-Minute Run Workouts You Should Be Doing

I love running for one major reason: a 30-minute run workout is totally valid as a workout for the day! In so many ways, running is a lot easier than cycling in terms of training hard on limited time, but I still know a …

Your Cyclocross Capsule Wardrobe: What You Need to Race

It is CYCLOCROSS SEASON, which means all everyone is talking about is what they’re going to wear (and ride) on race day. It’s a topic very near and dear to my heart because I am a total weenie in cold and wet conditions, which …

5 Tips... For Cyclocross

5 Tips… For Cyclocross

Getting into cyclocross this season? It’s one of my all-time favorite things. I’ve written the book on it (literally), raced at every level, traveled around the world for races (and met my Canadian husband at a CX race in China!), managed an elite team …