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5 Tips... For Cyclocross

5 Tips… For Cyclocross

Getting into cyclocross this season? It’s one of my all-time favorite things. I’ve written the book on it (literally), raced at every level, traveled around the world for races (and met my Canadian husband at a CX race in China!), managed an elite team …

How Runners Can Motivate With Healthy Self-Talk

How Athletes Can Motivate With Healthy Self-Talk

What do you say to yourself when you run? For most of us, we aren’t the nicest when the going gets tough. I realized after we talked to Rebecca Rusch on the Consummate Athlete Podcast and she dropped this knowledge bomb about self-talk that …

How to Be an Ethical Trail Runner

Being an Ethical Trail Runner

Trail running can feel a little tricky for new runners. Do you have the right of way? How do you handle hikers? And the obvious: How do you leave no trace, or leave a place better than you found it? I rounded up a …

8 Things Marathons Can Teach You About Life

What Marathons (and Ultras) Can Teach You About Life

Over at MapMyRun, I wrote about the things that I’ve learned from racing marathons and other endurance events (and a few lessons I learned from some of my favorite inspirations like Chris McDougall and Matt Fitzgerald). For instance… MEDALS DON’T MATTER AS MUCH AS …

Cyclists + Runners_ How to deal with Razor Burn

Dealing with Constant Razor Burn When Cycling or Running

This is a conversation I have CONSTANTLY with riding and running friends. Lady parts aren’t the only sensitive skin we deal with on the bike, and chafing isn’t the only issue we deal with on the run. Anyone else have some leg/shaving issues? (Hand up!) …