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Your Cyclocross Capsule Wardrobe: What You Need to Race

It is CYCLOCROSS SEASON, which means all everyone is talking about is what they’re going to wear (and ride) on race day. It’s a topic very near and dear to my heart because I am a total weenie in cold and wet conditions, which …

whats in her bag

What’s In Her Bag: My Everyday Work + Errand Backpack

I am SO excited about this new feature I’m starting on TheOutdoorEdit: The ‘What’s in Her Bag’ section. Each week, I’m going to feature the everyday/gym/race day/sport-specific/food bag of an athlete that I love. I’ve been obsessed with the ‘what’s in her bag’ articles …

the outdoor edit store

Have You Checked Out The Outdoor Edit Store?

Just a reminder that over on recently-introduced The Outdoor Edit store, you can snag fun Shred Girls swag, plus a few fun/funnier tanks and caps!     Just a note: Grabbing gear on here isn’t just hella stylish, it helps keep this site and …