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Camp Cooking for Beginners

November 14, 2019

Camp Cooking for Beginners

Does the idea of using a camp stove make you nervous? Yeah, me too. For some reason, the open flame / tiny propane tank just made me nervous, and like I had no business cooking at my campsite. Ask me to start a campfire and I’m on it. (I’m actually pretty good at it!)

But ask me to start the stove so we can make coffee? I’m panicking.

This year though, I decided to learn once and for all. Shocker—it wasn’t that scary. (I talk about our Primus stove that we settled on in this post.)

And over on Gear Junkie’s site, I’m explaining how anyone can pick the right stove setup for their camping style, and learn how to use it—no expertise required! It’s kind of a ‘for dummies’ look at camp stoves for people like me who didn’t grow up camping a lot, but I think anyone can get something out of this article, even if it’s just rethinking how you’re setting up your gear.

Camp Cooking for Absolute Beginners (by an Absolute Beginner)





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