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California Dreaming

January 31, 2014

California Dreaming

e10d789e7d6011e3960b12ad27277173_6It’s been a wild ride the past month, but now that I’m (somewhat) settled, it’s time for a catch up. So, for those of you who haven’t been keeping track (and those of you who gave up on keeping track!), I spent Christmas in New Jersey, then headed up to Canada to north of Toronto for a sled-riding New Year, then we aimed west for Colorado for USA Cycling Cyclocross Nationals before finally heading to Oxnard in Southern California.

Got all that?

Yeah, me neither.

But still, here I am. Long days filled with work—both for Cyclocross Magazine and for myself, including the new book, Saddle, Sore, which will be out soon—and training. And cooking. And spending time with some amazing people. We’re in a house that’s filled with a constant rotation of Canadian cyclists, and I’ve been having an incredible time getting to know them. I’ve been working with a coach, Heath Dotson, and training for some Xterra racing this season. So, more swimming (including some open water, complete with some pissed off stingrays, and an outdoor salt water pool in Santa Barbara, complete with some slightly rude Masters dudes—I prefer the stingrays), more running (on the beach!) and more riding (with some insane MTB trails and some crazy fast guys).

Yep, it’s definitely not a bad life right now.

One of my resolutions for the year is to get better about posting more of my travel adventures, so stay tuned!

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