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The Busy Runner’s Guide to Simple Self-Care

October 23, 2017

The Busy Runner’s Guide to Simple Self-Care

We make time for fitting in our workouts, runs or rides or strength training… but what about simple self-care? For me, I can almost always manage to get my actual workout in, but the extra things—taking care of my skin, getting enough sleep, even eating right—can fall to the wayside when things get crazy. So, I wrote this piece for MapMyRun.com about the little things that we should be making sure we insert into our weekly and daily routines, even if that means occasionally cutting back a run by a mile or two to sneak in some of these basic but super important self-care things. (PS: self-care is a total buzzword right now, I know, but I promise, these are all really rational, reasonable ways to take care of your body so you can run faster and stronger for longer.)

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