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bikesChallenge Team Edition Grifos: My Zipp 303s just got seriously upgraded with the Team Edition cotton-casing Grifos from Challenge Tires. I love the Grifos, and the cotton casings make them so supple. I felt like I was on rails going into corners at Nittany and Providence. And they look freaking awesome.

WD40 Bike Products: their chain lube is the best I’ve ever used, but what I really love is the Frame Protecant that they have. My bikes are so shiny, they always look new!

f052f3f841a911e3aeb222000a1f9e7e_6Raleigh Women’s RX 1.0: Full review coming out in the next issue of Cyclocross Magazine (Issue 23), but this has been my favorite new bike to test in recent years. I’ll be keeping it around for sure, and it’ll be a kick-ass commuter bike as well. (Bonus: the color scheme is gorgeous, black with teal and orange accents)

Vincero Designs edge16 mount and stratus24 bottle: the Keough Cyclocross team turned me on to these amazing bottle mounts! Magnets that actually work, these are perfect for people who race ’cross but also train and commute on their ’cross bikes. Cages get in the way while racing, but these magnet holds don’t, so they never need to be removed. They’re an investment, but totally worth it if you race a lot and ride a lot. (Coupon Code: “keoughcx” nets you a 30% discount on their online store!)

Giro Sica Women’s MTB Shoes: I just finished a long-term review of these, and I admit, it’s the second pair that I’ve had and I wouldn’t trade them for anything! They may take a few rides to break in but they last forever and hold up under the toughest conditions you can imagine!

Her’ Chamois Butt’r: Chamois cream specifically designed for women that actually lasts! I survived a four hour ride on a saddle that I (to be totally honest) hate. And the next day? Things are still feeling great! (It contains aloe vera, green tea leaf extract, tea tree oil, shea butter & lavender oil for their “naturally occurring beneficial properties”)d9480fba35bd11e39d1322000aaa0a47_8

Pedro’s Tire Levers: Totally minor thing, and at $5, not much of an investment, but bear with me. These are the first levers I’ve found that I don’t have trouble with and will never, ever break on you when you’re dealing with a really tight tire. Plus since they’re a bit bigger and brightly colored, they’re harder to lose and harder to have someone “accidentally” walk away with them!

Cat’s Tongue Towels (individually wrapped): These always go in my saddlebag and my race bag before rides and trips. They’re designed to get grease off, whether it’s off of your hands when you have to stop to change a flat (anyone else end up with grease smeared on their face after a ride?) or off your bike where the chain left a mark, the towels work really well. And I’m not just saying that because I got to play the ingenue in Jeremy Powers’ commercial for them last year, though you should watch it now, because it is hilarious.

See the rest of my favorite things for living life on the road and staying reasonably pulled together.

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    So jealous of the Team Editions ....

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