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Talking Gut Issues, Flat Tires, Cat Obits, Rap Battles and Corn Dogs for Bicycling Magazine

June 24, 2014

Talking Gut Issues, Flat Tires, Cat Obits, Rap Battles and Corn Dogs for Bicycling Magazine

Making rice cakes, not corn dogs. Unfortunately.
Making rice cakes, not corn dogs. Unfortunately.

I’ve been doing some work for Bicycling Magazine lately, and it has been a blast! In the past few weeks, I’ve written a few pieces that, if you haven’t seen them, you should definitely check out. There’s some seriously hilarious stuff in here (and I’m not bragging about my writing—I mean Allen Lim talking about corn dogs and superheroes, and a cyclist rap battle that had me in tears).

Nutrition Wars

In a battle of nutritional know-how, which will win: the rice cake or the corn dog?

We know which we think is funnier. It started when Rapha and Team Sky released a video about the making of their rice cakes—a romanticized epic about the balls of rice that have been made ubiquitous in the cycling scene thanks to The Feed Zone Cookbook by Allen Lim and Biju Thomas. Featuring team cooks and riders, the saga explains just what makes these rice cakes the best fuel for your ride, all to a soundtrack that wouldn’t seem out of place at the end of Braveheart.

Read the rest here.


In a Cyclist Rap Battle, Is There Ever a Winner?

This mountain-biker-versus-roadie rap battle is a tastelessly awesome display of why so many male cyclists are still single. The video has everything: a road-rage to get things started, lyrics that would make Weird Al proud, and something that constitutes serious attitude… for a cyclist, at least.

Read the rest here.


RIP Ophelia Vanderkitten: Cat, Mascot, Icon

Cycling’s most beloved cat, Ophelia Vanderkitten, passed away on June 18 at the age of 16. The cuddly icon—and real-life inspiration for the Vanderkitten logo (above)—was not only a symbol of women’s cycling, but also the mascot of a team devoted to raising the bar for both pro and everyday female cyclists. She is survived by team founder Dave Verrecchia and his wife, Jennie.

“She never asked for fame or fortune, only to be loved and allowed the spot at the top of bed normally reserved for faces and breathing,” Verrechia says. “She was a willing celebrity, often making appearance on the dinner table at dinners and parties. Ophelia was a good friend, a marginal mouser and protector of all things that kick ass.”

Read the rest here.


Making the Most of a Mechanical

If you’ve ever cut a ride short due to a mechanical, get ready to feel guilty. Yesterday, Specialized downhiller Aaron Gwin flatted in the first minute of the Leogang World Cup. Rather than stop riding, he finished the technical downhill run with the tire flapping to the side of his rear rim, which also took quite a beating. The tire wasn’t just flat—it was completely off the bike after 30 seconds of riding.

Read the rest, including an exclusive with Gwin, here.


Train Your Way to a Happy Stomach

Regular exercise can be good for your belly, and we’re not just talking about getting rid of a muffin top. A study published in the latest edition of Gut—an international journal on gastroenterology with a fantastic name—suggests that exercise might actually be beneficial for your GI tract, or rather, the helpful bacteria that live inside it.

Read the rest here.


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