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Being an Ethical Trail Runner

September 4, 2019

Being an Ethical Trail Runner

Trail running can feel a little tricky for new runners. Do you have the right of way? How do you handle hikers? And the obvious: How do you leave no trace, or leave a place better than you found it? I rounded up a few of the basic ethical guidelines for trail running, from interactions with other runners and trail users to the interaction with the trail and surrounding area. I know there’s been a bit of debate over if runners are wrecking the trails, and obviously, I don’t agree that we are… But I do think we can all work a little harder to be better trail stewards. Writing this article made me think a lot about my interactions with the trail, and even just little things like picking up a piece of trash that isn’t yours can make a difference—and I definitely have started to work hard on practicing what I preach!

Click to read: How to Be an Ethical Trail Runner

How to Be an Ethical Trail Runner


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