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Attention Runners: You Have the Right to Recover

October 16, 2017

Attention Runners: You Have the Right to Recover

Confession: I am bad at recovering, especially from working out, but honestly, from life in general. (Ask Peter—he could tell you that there’s been maybe 2 days this year where I wasn’t using a weekend day or holiday to ‘catch up on a couple things’.) This… is not always a good thing. It can lead to burnout, a sense of overwhelm, and in the case of running, injury and needing to take even more time off. So, I pitched this article to MapMyRun.com in hopes that talking to coaches and sports psychs about taking time off would remind me that it’s OK to have some recovery time. I was stoked that the two people I talked to are good friends of mine. You’ll remember sports mental consultant Traci Stanard from the Consummate Athlete Podcast, and amazing coach Chris McGovern has become a good friend as we’ve ended up traveling the same cyclocross circuit (and instituting the Saturday morning “Staff Shuffle” for those of us supporting but not racing). So, I knew these two would have awesome advice… And they really, really did. So if you’re a) trying to decide if you need recovery time, or b) struggling with guilt around taking recovery time, this is a MUST READ. (I have reread it a bunch of times, and I wrote the damn thing!)

Check it, and pass it to the runner in your life who just doesn’t know when to take a break:

Click to read: Attention Runners: You Have the Right to Recover




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