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Should Athletes Worry About Gaining Weight Over the Holidays?

November 27, 2017

Should Athletes Worry About Gaining Weight Over the Holidays?

Talking to nutrition expert Matt Fitzgerald is always a highlight for me, thanks to his simple and no-nonsense approach to sports (and life) nutrition. He’s the author of one of my favorite books, Racing Weight, and he has tons of practical advice for athletes looking to hit fitness and weight goals. So when I was tasked with writing about if athletes should worry about gain weight over the holidays, he was the guy I automatically phoned up to ask. And he didn’t disappoint. In the article for MapMyRun, we touched on when and how (and how much) athletes should gain over the holiday season, and when to worry/when not to worry. It’s actually crazy helpful if you just had a Thanksgiving full of stuffing, pie and tons of booze—get some advice before heading into the Christmas party season!

Bonus thought: I’m a fan of starting resolutions early (and there’s an article coming soon on that concept!) so why not start a new training plan right around December 1, so that you’re not lazing around and maaaaaaaybe getting in a run or ride over the Christmas weekend? You’ll be a month ahead of all the other Resolution-setters! (Here’s a super-simple three-month plan that SmartAthlete and I designed to get cyclists started, no matter what lever you’re coming from.)

Give the article a read here: Should Athletes Worry About Gaining Weight Over the Holidays?


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