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A Runner Tries Squatting: The Results After a Month

February 20, 2019

A Runner Tries Squatting: The Results After a Month

Squatting: easily one of the most functional, simple moves that we can do to get stronger across the board… But runners often skip strength. Let’s be honest, when I pitch stories, a lot of them are pitched because they’re things I want to try in my own life as a human guinea pig, and I need a push to make myself do them. Yoga everyday for a month? Check. Food-tracking? Check. Actually using a smartwatch? Check (look for that one coming soon). So, pitching squatting for 30 days was a no-brainer for me. I figured out a plan that would involve alternating air squats with weighted ones, so I wouldn’t be overloading my muscles, and stuck to the plan for the month. Honestly? I think it was worth it. Would I keep doing it? No. But would I keep doing squats regularly? Hell yes. Here’s how it went and why you should keep squats in your workout rotation:

What Happened When a Runner Did Squats 30 Days in a Row




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