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A Few of My Favorite Things: Cyclocross Season Start

September 12, 2013

A Few of My Favorite Things: Cyclocross Season Start

Now that the season is here, work and racing both ramp up considerably. So, in the spirit of the ’cross, I’m trying out some new things that will hopefully keep me sane and healthy and fast all season!

Challenge Team Edition Grifos:

f56fe3f0166111e38ab422000aa80430_6My Zipp 303s just got seriously upgraded with the Team Edition cotton-casing Grifos from Challenge Tires. I love the Grifos, and the cotton casings make them so supple. I felt like I was on rails going into corners at Nittany this weekend. And they look freaking awesome.

The Jawbone Up:

d085a1b81b2711e3a32122000ae90e38_6 I just got this little Jawbone Up bracelet to try to keep better track of my sleep, and to avoid the burnout I know I’ll hit at Interbike. I picked this over the FitBit because of the smart alarm function, and this morning it definitely helped wake me up! I’m also trying to keep track of food and workouts on there, though how long I’ll keep that up is the question. I’ll check back in after a couple weeks of use and see how I feel about it.

Osmo Nutrition for Women:

dc98b76a1af511e3ab1c22000aeb0d6e_6Osmo just released their new line of products for women. They sent me their hydration and recovery drinks to try out, and I’ll be really stoked to see how I do at Interbike with them, riding and reporting like a crazy person. Hydration out there is always a huge problem for me, so I’m hoping that between the active hydration and acute recovery, I stay nice and hydrated. It tastes awesome, so that makes the prospect of surviving on this and whatever else I can scavenge out there for a week so much more appealing.

Old School iPod Nano:

537bbb061b0111e3895a22000a1fc66c_6I took my old iPod out of its neoprene case. I got this eight years ago, and forgot that it was back when Apple offered the “engraving” option on the back. I was so stoked to see my Party Hard engraving, an Andrew WK reference that I’m still totally into. Glad my 18 year old self was so smart! It’s a good reminder to take a breather and enjoy everything. PS: the old iPod nano from 2005? Still works, still the best for running since it only has my favorite stuff on it, not everything on my iTunes. Plus playlists that I’ve been perfecting since 2005!

Athlete’s Guide to Yoga App:

3357d57e1bbc11e38c5322000a1f8f97_6I’ve been trying to be a bit better about stretching and just daily workout routines in general since I’m all over the place with such a weird schedule. Yoga and corework definitely are the first things to go, so I downloaded this app based on one of my favorite workout books, The Athlete’s Guide to Yoga by Sage Rountree. The workouts are about 20 minutes each, and waking up to a new one (there are 5 videos in all) Monday-Friday is the goal. So far, so good — it’s feeling great!

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