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A Few of My Favorite Things: Bikes, Nails, Snacks and Suds

October 3, 2013

A Few of My Favorite Things: Bikes, Nails, Snacks and Suds

We’re a month into the season, I’ve been across the country and across the world, and now I’m settling in New England for Holy Week of Cyclocross. Back to my home from the past year, and psyched to be here! Also psyched about some new goodies this month, some racer-y, and some arguably racer-y but a bit more on the girly side of things.

Moots Frame:

imageIt’s almost done, and I’ll “meet” this amazing piece of titanium machinery next week. I worked with Moots for the past couple months tweaking their already existing geometry of the Psychlocross frame to make a smaller version, which I’ll be testing out for the rest of the season. Super excited to see it and build it up! In the meantime though, I’ve been loving testing out the Raleigh Women’s RX 1.0 bike — it did so good at Night Weasels!

Gel manicures:

2This is where it gets girly but also racer-y. I never bother with nail polish because it just gets wrecked three minutes after painting them. But I’ve had great success with gel manicures in the past so I figured I’d give this a shot, so Gabby Durrin and I went and got our nails done together this week. I really like the design — in Boston yesterday, two women came up and told me they liked my nails and that they looked “classy but edgy.” Win. They held up great at Night Weasels, and haven’t chipped yet, so I’m thrilled. I like reminding people on occasion that I’m still a girl…

Single Serving Blender


Hanging out with Ben Bostrom in Vegas and Jake Wells in China, I learned something from these two wicked fast MTBers. First, that MTBing with Bostrom is hard but totally worth it, and that Wells is an insanely fast runner. Second, that both are really into nutrition, and both are all about the breakfast smoothie. They’re both into the raw food/hemp protein type stuff that the Thrive diet recommends, and I have to admit, after doing the smoothie thing for a couple days, I did definitely feel way better. Just fruit, homemade almond milk (just blend sliced almonds, water and vanilla extract, and it stays good for a week in the fridge!), hemp protein, some Trader Joes “Green Powder,” Chia seeds, and a little bit of agave to sweeten it all up, and I am a seriously happy camper in the morning. This little blender was only $20 and came with 5 of the single serving cups with lots of lid options, so that’s been super great as well.

Bostrom’s fiance also gave me her recipe for insanely good salad dressing so I’ll post about that at some point too.

Single Serving Sports Wash


I’m working on a review for sports detergent for Cyclocross Magazine, and brands have been sending me samples. I have bottle too, but what I’m really loving for life on the road is these single serve packets. No chance of spills, no chance I forget the bottle, just sports wash when I need it. So into it!

A few updates on last month’s favorite things:

The Challenge Grifos have been crushing it. They are truly the best tires I’ve ridden, on any course. Feels like I’m gripping everything, and maybe it’s just an improvement in my core strength, but even sliding out, I’m able to recover.

The Jawbone Up is an adjustment. Love the smart alarm and idle alert, but keeping track of everything (and keeping it charged, even though that’s only once a week) is a bit tough — especially when I was in China and couldn’t get online to keep a log. But if I can get the hang of regularly keeping track of stuff, it’s been working great!

As for the Osmo Nutrition for Women, I’ve been loving the recovery drink, especially with the almond milk I’ve been making with my new blender! And the ride drink is great too — very tasty, and it seems to do the trick for me.

I admit, my major failing this month has been the Athlete’s Guide to Yoga App — even though it’s right on my phone, I can’t seem to make myself do it every day. I like the routines, but with the crazy travel, carving out time (especially in the morning when I wanted to do it!) has been rough. It’s not a lack of time, exactly, more a lack of opportunity/me just being kind of lazy (with yoga, anyway!). Maybe this month I’ll be better!

And, just for funsies, tomorrow is the last day this coupon code will work, so get on it!


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