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A Day-by-Day Breakdown of Your Ideal Lead-Up to Your ‘A’ Race

April 4, 2019

A Day-by-Day Breakdown of Your Ideal Lead-Up to Your ‘A’ Race

Race season is either looming or has already started for many of us, so I wanted to drop this race week breakdown article into your hands as you prep for your next event. This is what I do every race week (to the extent that I can with allowances for travel)—from how to pack to how to eat to how to warm-up in ways that work best for you and will help keep you calmer as the big day approaches, this is one of my favorite topics to dive into. We’ve had so many great experts on The Consummate Athlete Podcast weighing in on things like race day nutrition and how to handle not sleeping the night before a  big race, so it’s something we’ve been learning about for years — plus all of our own racing experiences, of course! Take a look and let me know if it helps get you prepped for your next event!

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