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A Brief History of (My) World

May 13, 2011

A Brief History of (My) World

When I realized I was getting to work at my dream job (editor for Cyclocross Magazine) and that I’d be writing a weekly column, my brain almost shorted with the amount of ideas I had for it.  After a lot of thought though, I realized what I wanted to do was to weave my personal narrative into the content that I would be providing to racers, pro and newbie alike. Because I want to give racers all of the tools that they need in order to maximize their seasons, it seemed only fair that I was willing to put my whole season and racing goals out there for the world to see and read about.  So, as content goes up on the website, I’ll be utilizing the content and talking about my experiences.

I’m a decent cyclocross racer, an ex-semi-elite-triathlete (though I still dabble), and last season, I realized I wanted to take cyclocross to the next level.  Since then, I’ve been brushing up on my mountain biking skills, planning out a summer of training, and bought 2 Kona Jake the Snake frames with all the best intentions of building them up into awesome bikes.

The main goal: to podium for B Women in both the Mac and Verge Cyclocross Series’ in the Fall 2011 season

Before September hits though, there are a whole lot of smaller goals that need to be accomplished before I can come close to attaining my major goal.

Some of them (in no particular order) include:

-Working on technical skills

-Getting my cardio fitness back to where it should be

-Developing and sticking to training plan, including yoga and circuit/ab work

-Fixing my nutrition (it’s pretty pathetic as is)

-Drop some weight (more on that later)

-Building up two bikes

-Dial in my bikes: get them properly fit, make sure they’re in great condition

-Provide readers of cxmagazine.com some amazing content so that they can have a killer season along with me!

Last August, I did an Ironman.  Three days later, I was at cyclocross practice, and the next week, I was racing again.  And again, and again.  From September through December, I raced nearly every weekend for the best collegiate cyclocross team on the East Coast.  I was lucky, because that team consisted primarily of my best friends.   Rutgers Cycling was the best thing that happened to me, and I’m so glad they showed me the amazing fun to be had during cyclocross season.  When the season ended with Nationals in Bend, Oregon, I was admittedly exhausted.

I was also in a seriously transitionary period in my academic and work life.  With a lot of new jobs that came up in January, I was putting in 80 hour workweeks, while trying to maintain some small amount of fitness.  Luckily, I only succumbed to mild weight gain and mild losses in my fitness levels.  However, I hadn’t been thrilled with my mostly mid-pack performance during cyclocross season, and I knew I could do better if I put my mind to it.  At NBX last year, I was 3rd in the Women’s B race, and I knew that if I had the fitness and the technical skills, I could do that well in most races.

This year, I’m taking cyclocross quite a bit more seriously.  Rather than having it trail at the end of such a heavy season (Ironman training is no joke!), I’m dedicating the summer to preparing myself for cyclocross.  That being said, I’m still enjoying racing in other arenas, but with CX in mind.

For example:

-off road triathlon
-mountain biking
-off road running races

Expect race reports, some incredibly embarrassingly honest looks at my weight, nutrition plan, and how my body is getting into optimal cyclocross shape.

This year, I’m not going to settle for second best, or for being a mid-pack racer.  I’m going to push myself as hard as I can to achieve my goals, because if I’m not working that hard towards my goals, what right do I have to be writing for a magazine focused on individuals who are achieving their goals, and giving advice on how to achieve maximum performance.  Yeah, sometimes it’s going to suck.  But at the end of the season, if I’m on those podiums, it’ll be worth it.  And it will be even sweeter if I know you all are there with me.

Told you I had a cowbell tattoo!

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  1. nancy

    I found you in cxmagazine. Good luck for the upcoming cyclocross season and it is a great goal! I wish you will not get the sandbagger title mid way!

    • Thanks! And I can pretty much guarantee that the sandbagger title would be seriously pushing it for me. But we'll see...

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