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9 Ways to Tackle Downhills on a Trail Run

April 19, 2018

9 Ways to Tackle Downhills on a Trail Run

If you listened to the latest Consummate Athlete Podcast, you know I’m getting a little obsessed with trail running—and working towards the 50 kilometer Killington mountain running trail race this August. (Eek!) So, the key phrase in that isn’t 50-kilometers, it’s “mountain run.” I think a lot of new runners—and veterans including myself—get really freaked about distances, or really want to add distance, and we totally neglect the other stuff, like the whole ‘running uphill and downhill’ part of the equation. And that’s where people get into trouble—for me, in particular, I know downhills are going to cause my legs to get cramped up if I haven’t been doing hill repeats and focusing on the down rather than the up, so that’s going to be a major training thing for me this summer. (I’m also pretty good at running downhill when it’s a simple double track, even one that’s a bit rocky but has good visibility, it’s technical trails where I struggle to find a good flow… Which I’m going to need!) I’ll obviously add volume so I’m ready for that distance, but more importantly, I’m going to spend a lot more time climbing and descending in preparation. Naturally, that meant I found a bunch of pro trail runners to share their best tips for tackling downhills on trails, over on MapMyRun. Check it out!

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