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8 Winter Skincare Tips for Athletes

February 1, 2018

8 Winter Skincare Tips for Athletes

Winter skincare… The worst at the best of times. In the last few months, I’ve been bouncing between time zones, and climates, and it’s been hell, to be honest. My skin, which is problematic on the best of days, is fighting with itself to decide if it’s oily, dry, sunburned, bereft of vitamin D… It’s been a wild ride.

But I have been working on calming it down in the last months, and now that we’re back in Ontario, where it’s negative temps on the daily right now, I’m working harder than ever to combat the effects of working out in freaking freezing conditions. So, over at MapMyRun, I’m talking all about winter skincare for athletes. Hint: wear sunscreen. I have now been sunburned twice this winter because I am an idiot who doesn’t always take her own advice. Learn from my mistakes here, and LMK in the comments if you’ve found any favorite products for combatting the winter skin blues!

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