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7 Ways to Consistently Run While Traveling

June 21, 2017

7 Ways to Consistently Run While Traveling

Summer is officially here, and that means SUMMER VACATION! (Cue cheering noises here, and a countdown calendar for us to be done with Ironman so I can truly embrace the doing-whatever-I-want-for-training lifestyle again…)

Anyway, for most of us, summer is a great time to get in more training (yay longer days!) but it can also be a little hectic. There are family vacations, work trips, summer house projects, and for the parents out there, kids out of school. Even race weekends, while fitness-related, can be a bit of a screw to staying fit. I’ve recently realized that the weekends where we’re traveling to race are the ones where I’m eating the least consistently (and the junkiest post-race!), and it’s hard to sneak in workouts when I’m not the one who’s racing, just supporting. So, naturally, I figured out what does work and make me get in runs, and wrote about it over at MapMyRun.com. If you’re struggling with consistency, check it out!

7 Ways to Consistently Run While Traveling



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