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6 Simple Tips for Running Uphill Strong

June 13, 2018

6 Simple Tips for Running Uphill Strong

After our recent La Cloche speed hike, as I eyed it up to consider running the 80km trail (and contemplated the 50K mountain running race I’m signed up for in August), I realized I need to get a lot stronger at uphill running. Thankfully, there’s an article for that… I had interviewed some of my favorite ultra trail runners to get their best advice…. Now, I just need to put it into practice! Plans for July include A LOT of uphill work, for sure. (June is still a crit-racing focus so a bit more hard road riding plus building volume running on flats.)

Anyway, the top tips… great for anyone who wants to make going uphill suck a teensy bit less!

Click to read: 6 Simple Tips for Running Uphill Strong 



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