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5 Ways to Find the Group Ride and #CycleSquad of Your Dreams

October 19, 2017

5 Ways to Find the Group Ride and #CycleSquad of Your Dreams

When Bicycling asked me to tackle the topic of ‘how to find the right group ride for you,’ I was super stoked. That’s sort of why I started the Shred Girls series, after all! I think cycling is the coolest way to meet people, and find a crew that makes you better, but also keeps the fun in it. So, I thought about the people I know who have built amazing groups of riders, and not only built cool group rides, but maintained them. I also thought about people I knew who’ve always managed to find cool crews and post rad photos, even when they’re moving all over the place. To me, that’s super impressive, and absolutely something that I strive for. Community is becoming more and more important to me these days, so to dive into how cycling communities are created and get some ‘best practices’ for you to find or start a group was super fun. So, let’s get into it!

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