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5 Running Trends That Are Out in 2018

July 11, 2018

5 Running Trends That Are Out in 2018

I love a good running or fitness trend, let’s be real. And I totally admit that I get wrapped up in them—I love new gadgets, new challenges, stuff like that… And in the past, I was TERRIBLE with the “let’s hit this insane workout today and it’ll change my life because I read it in a magazine.” (Flash forward to a slipped disc from — wait for it — doing Bikram Yoga and CrossFit and running the 10 km between the two. *Head. Slap.*)

Anyway, it was a blast to talk to some of my favorite coaches & runners for MapMyRun about what the dumbest fitness trends they’ve seen in 2017 and early this year have been, and what they’re HATING about them. “I know this may be an unpopular opinion, but I think it’s silly to go for a #RunStreak,” says Jonathan Levitt, longtime runner and owner of the hilarious Twitter handle @RestDayBrags. And I couldn’t agree more. I like the concept, but not when it comes to running through injuries or being intuitive about what your body is needing any given day.

Anyway, check out all five here: 5 Running Trends That Are Out in 2018 





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