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5 Easy Nutrition Tips from Vegan Runners

March 15, 2018

5 Easy Nutrition Tips from Vegan Runners

Man, I wish I’d had these vegan runners in my life a decade ago! OK, so over at MapMyRun, I was asked to do a post about how vegan runners fuel during, before and after their runs—and I had the best time getting to know some rad super-serious vegan runners in the process! (Side note: what is it about ultra-running and veganism that seem to go hand-in-hand? Even when not researching this article, I’ve run into—heh, pun—a bunch. It’s pretty rad!) OK, what’s more rad, though, is that none of them are making the MAJOR mistakes that I made as a vegan. (Ahem, assuming anything that is technically vegan-friendly is also healthy.)


We go into how these athletes fuel their runs, but more importantly, how they find a nutritional balance in the rest of their daily lives. None of the runners I talked to solely exists as a pro runner, so they’re busy freaking people. We talk meal prep, protein, eating on the trail and a TON more—even if you’re not vegan, there’s some great advice in here!

Click to read: 5 Easy Nutrition Tips from Vegan Runners

5 Easy Nutrition Tips from Vegan Runners

PS: want to hear more about my vegan journey, plus hear from all types of pro cyclists on how they eat? You should probably read Fuel Your Ride!

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