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3 Subtle Signs You’re Hitting a Training Plateau

April 17, 2019

3 Subtle Signs You’re Hitting a Training Plateau

Feel like something is just not working with your training lately? If you’re feeling stale and like you’re just not making any progress, there are a few typical reasons for it. Honestly, reason #1 is usually that what you’re telling yourself that you’re doing doesn’t really match up to what you’re actually doing—it’s easy to convince ourselves that we’re definitely diligently following a training plan or workout schedule, while at the same time, we’re actually cutting workouts short, skipping sessions, taking vacations during big weeks, et cetera… But there are some sneakier signs you’re in—or on the verge of—hitting a plateau in your training, and you can correct your course and get back on track. Over on MapMyRun, I looked at those sneaky signs with my favorite running coach, David Roche, and I think you might be a little surprised by at least one of them!

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