New Consummate Athlete Podcast: Nat Geo Writer, Author & Adventurer Jayme Moye

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I’m a little late on this since this week’s Consummate Athlete Podcast episode is about to launch, but I didn’t want to forget about Jayme Moye, who has been one of my favorite podcast guests ever—and I’m pretty sure she and I were best friends in a past life or something, since our lives have run eerily parallel to each other. We’re both adventuring writers who happen to be heading up to Canada, albeit on opposite sides, and she has some crazy adventure stories that she shares, from climbing El Capitan to riding bikes in Afghanistan with one of my other favorite human beings, activist Shannon Galpin. It’s a really rad episode, especially for anyone out there who’s ever wondered how someone lands in a job like the ones that we do (hint: a lot of hard work).

Give Jayme Moye & me a listen here!

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