Going to Sea Otter? Look Me Up!

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Monterey, California, is one of my favorite spots in the world. Partially because of the amazing scenery, but also because it’s home of the Sea Otter Classic cycling expo, where I get to see tons of friends (and meet tons of rad people!). This year, I’m ultra-excited because I’ll be there with some pre-release copies of my latest book, Shred Girls: Lindsay’s Joy Ride (yay!) and some swag and info on that, plus copies of Saddle, Sore: Ride Comfortable, Ride Happy, the guide to nether region comfort on your bike, for people who haven’t seen it yet (it came out in November).

So, if you’re at Sea Otter and want to meet up, say hi and talk all things bikes, hit me up on Twitter or Instagram (@mollyjhurford) or email me. I’ll be walking around (probably in a bit of a daze) wearing this shirt, a Bicycling cap, or my Shred Girls trucker hat, so I should be somewhat easy to spot, unless it’s in a crowd because I am quite short.

See you there!



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