Consummate Athlete Podcast: “Retired” Pro Tour Racer Phil Gaimon on Strava, Entrepreneurship & Bikes

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I was really lucky to have spent the last few months in Southern California for many reasons, but one of them was definitely that I finally got to hang out with former Pro Tour rider, author, entrepreneur, Strava badass, podcaster and just generally cool-guy-to-know Phil Gaimon.

I felt like a rebel ordering a cronut, not a cookie, with @philgaimon ... but I have no regrets!

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We got cookies and coffee and talked about life, then we added a microphone to the mix and recorded a podcast where we cover everything from avoiding saddle sores to running a business while racing in the Tour to how he wrote such rad insider-info books. Now, he’s in the midst of the “Worst Retirement Ever,” snagging major Strava KOMs across SoCal and beyond, and he gave me a few tips so I can chase down some QOMs myself. It’s one of my favorite episodes we’ve done thus far, and you get some serious insight into how Phil works. Check it out!

Listen to the episode here

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