New Edition! Saddle, Sore: Ride Comfortable, Ride Happy



The new edition of Saddle, Sore is out and it is jam-packed with new information for men, pregnant and post-partum women, women in menopause, and so, so much more. There are more questions answered, more experts added, and tons of cool new sidebars with sections like what to look for in a bike fit. It’s a funnier, funner read and I’m stoked.

We’ll have the official book launch party in Toronto in December, but for now, you can order it on Amazon. It’s been a huge labor of love (and a ton of fun) working on the update so it would be done for the holiday season, and I could not be happier about it. When I wrote the original two years ago, I had no idea how well-recieved it would be, or how many women I’d get to meet because of it, but it’s been a wild ride. And I’m just so grateful to all of you for reading, asking questions, coming to women’s nights, and generally being awesome cyclists.

New edition of Saddle, Sore available now on Amazon in print and ebook versions


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