On the Other Side of the Interview: Faces of Cross, with Me!

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Huge thanks to Maghalie Rochette, one of my favorite racers and generally rad woman. She’s started this cool site, Faces of Cross, where she’s interviewing non-racing staples of the scene, like mechanic Daimo Shanks (you know him, he ran the Louisville Derby City Cup 5K at night in a banana costume and crushed it). And this week, I got to the be the one being interviewed!

If you’ve ever wondered about one of my various projects, books, articles, jobs… Or if you’re wondering how to get into writing yourself, give it a read!

She’s been called “The Girl with the Cowbell Tattoo” a couple of times and she has a turtle named Sven.

Molly, who talks about her younger self as “the least athletic kid ever” said she once faked fainting to avoid running a mile in gym class. A few years later, she completed an Ironman, she competed in several UCI cyclocross races and she built her whole career around the sport of cycling; particularly around the cyclocross discipline.

After being the managing editor at Cyclocross Magazine and writing 3 books, Molly now works as a writer at Bicycling Magazine. She’s also writing as a freelancer (RootsRated, Map my Fitness, etc.), she hosts a podcast (The Consummate Athlete Podcast) with her new husband and gives talks around the country about lady parts! As if that wasn’t enough, in 2015, Molly got even more involved in the sport as she joined Jeremy Powers’ Aspire Racing team as a team manager.

Read the whole interview with me here.


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