Where In The World // Rochester, NY on the Erie Canal

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Remember being in grade school and learning that annoyingly catchy song about the Erie Canal? (Come on: ‘You can always tell your neighbor, you can always tell your pal, if you ever navigated on the Erie Canal…’ Nothing? Just me?)

Well, anyway.

Back in Rochester, and this is the second time I’ve written about this area in this section on here! That’s not really shocking, since there’s a big cyclocross race here every year and I never miss it.

This time, we’re staying in Pittsford, a small suburb of Rochester, and our AirBNB happens to be just a couple minutes from the canal towpath. So, my morning run was a lot more pleasant today! The towpath actually stretches for 80 miles (!) and running was fantastic: super well-maintained (mostly gravel), flat, fast, and enough people out at 7AM on a Saturday to feel comfortable but not so many that it felt crowded. (You can also ride on it, for the cyclists reading.) Really just a great time—if you’re in town for the race and have a bit of extra time to check part of it out, I highly recommend it.


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