From the Bicycling Mag Files // Century Shenanigans, Foam Rolling Alternatives, Chamois Faux Pas & More!

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Some really, really fun stuff this week over at Bicycling mag—I’ve had a lot of cool articles that have been so different, and I’m super stoked on four that came out this week.

7 Chamois Mistakes That Ruin Rides

This one was, of course, right in my wheelhouse, since talking about chamois is a big part of what I do. So, of course, I was psyched to spread the word about some common mistakes (like not taking off your chamois ASAP plus some laundry tips!).

Wake Up Ready To Crush Your Morning Ride

I love talking about and reading and researching morning habits, so this article was really fun to sink my teeth into. Talked to some really smart people, and it’s really helped me get my $hit together in the mornings!

6 Great Alternatives to Foam Rollers

This piece was great in part because I talked to a dear, brilliant friend of mine, a physio in Vancouver named Amanda Sin, who is one of the raddest people I know. We chatted about some inexpensive (and some PT-specific) tools you can use that get into sore spots better than a foam roller can. Since we travel a ton, we’ve ditched the roller and switched to lacrosse balls, and it’s been great.

32 Thoughts Every Rider Has on a Solo Century

OK, how many people get to add Taylor Swift GIFs to articles? Trust me, this one will make you laugh and nod as you read through the thoughts that run through my head—and the heads of other Bicycling mag staff—during a century ride.


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