From the Bicycling Mag Files // Commute Like a Boss, Sweat in Style, Care for Your Skin

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Busy week for me at Bicycling mag! With summer coming, that means more time for riding, which means—for those of us who write about it—more to write about! A few of my recent favorites:

These Cycling Kits Are Designed to Stand Out

I loved searching for the best and the brightest kits for the summer. While I’m a huge fan of neutral colors and simple patterns, it was still a blast to search around for the whackiest stuff I could find. (The photo above is a SheBeest kit, and it’s one of the best-fitting kits I’ve ever worn.)

14 Commuter Pros Share Their Secrets

I had so many people reach out when I asked for commuter stories that it was simply unreal. And the great advice from a bunch of them… well, it’ll make you a better commuter, or give you the motivation to start!

10 Skin Care Must-Haves for Summer Riding

Summer means, sadly, skin “issues” crop up thanks to extra sweat and ick-factor. Plus, fun stuff like sunburn. I rounded up a few of my favorite products for keeping your skin reasonably happy this summer—lots of options ranging from all-natural and organic to drugstore buys under $10, so there’s something for everyone. (And I’m finally getting behind dry shampoo for helmet hair and sweat issues. It’s time.)


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