Dynamic Duos in Bicycling Magazine

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I know most people have seen this issue on newsstands already—and even now, the September issue is already taking its place!—but I am epically behind on blogging and so I didn’t get to post this until now. But it’s my first cover story for Bicycling and wow, am I happy about it!

Not only was the article on awesome couples in cycling super fun to write because it meant interviewing rad cyclists about why they love other rad cyclists, but it was great because of the span of people I got to talk to: Joe and Dottie Saling have been married for over 50 years, our cover models Taylor Wiles and Olivia Dillon are both pro women racers (on different teams!) and will be married in the Spring, Julie Krasniak and Jeremy Dunn are the coolest, hippest couple alive, and I just got to say congrats to the two bike shop owners from Georgia who got married this weekend. And anyone reading this blog knows how cute Matt and Mo Bruno Roy are. Especially with cats (you have to see their picture. Amazing.).

Also, the article got to put my two loves together: bikes and comic books, with the Dynamic Duo headline. (OK, it’s a peripheral connection, but still!)

Anyway, just wanted to spread the love! Thanks for reading, if you picked up a copy, and if you haven’t, you probably should. It’s adorable.


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