On Racing “Out of My Skin”

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…or at least, that’s how it was described to me this week. I forgot what it feels like to actually be competing in a ’cross race, not just hanging on for dear life and trying not to embarrass myself. But at Night Weasels and the one day I raced at Providence, I’m a seriously happy camper as far as my racing goes. Not that my results are much to brag about, but my legs seem to be coming around and I seem to be cornering a lot better these days, so I’m pretty happy. I was supposed to be heading down south for a trail marathon in a couple weeks but it looks like I’m sticking to two wheels and heading to Rochester instead!

Racing Gloucester. © Christin Christoph
Racing Gloucester. © Christin Christoph

It’s been an eventful few days in Providence, and I’ve had some amazing times with some old and new friends:

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Thanks to everyone for an awesome weekend. I said it before, but I’ve never been so happy that this is my life, even if sometimes it hurts. Things aren’t always safe, things are sometimes challenging, but at the end of the day, I wouldn’t change what I’m doing for anything.

Much more coming from the weekend, including some pieces I wish I didn’t have a reason to write, but right now, our CXM site is down so they’re waiting to be published.


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