The Girl with the Cowbell Tattoo: Riding A Rhonde With Mo Bruno Roy

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When Chip Baker asked me if I was interested in riding in the Rhonde de Rosey, a 70+ mile unofficial team race, I said that there was no way he could convince me to do the ride. After all, the Rhonde is primarily off-road with bits of road to piece the dirt sections together, so 70 miles could take upward of five hours to finish. While that wouldn’t normally be too bad, I was racing Battenkill the day before (62 miles of hills!) and I had every intention of spending Sunday feeling sorry for myself and eating whatever food I could possibly find. I’d done Battenkill before, I know how this works.

But then, Chip said the magic words: “I’ll put you on a team with Mo Bruno Roy, I think you’d do really well with her.” Suddenly, I was not only excited to race in the Rhonde, I was going to have to attempt to not slow down a team of elite cyclocrossers while doing it. Even now, I’m not sure how Chip possibly managed to convince me that it was a good idea, but the idea of hanging out (and hanging on) to Mo for the day sounded like too much fun to pass up. Plus, the educational benefits were enormous: I could attempt to hold her line in the off-road sections and see what makes her go so freaking fast!

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