Cyclocross Magazine: Sitting Down With Jeremy Powers- “I didn’t know I’d win Nationals”

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I’ll be the first to admit that I love interviewing Jeremy Powers. Not because he’s a superstar cyclocross racer with a reality show (though that certainly helps!); it’s almost entirely because his dog, a goofy Labrador retriever named Moose, is always a blast to hang out with. This interview was no exception. Of course, there’s also the fact that Powers is the new national champion, and that he managed a 26th place at Worlds as the second highest ranked American. Finally home from Europe, Powers had a chance to sit down with me in his kitchen while Moose and his visiting brother, Otis, pranced around, occasionally snuffling over to check out the interview action. Otis is a bit of a jumper.

But despite my being distracted by the playful pups and Powers pausing our interview almost before it had begun in order to show me a hilarious email (“I’ll just tell you… No, I gotta show it to you. Let me pull it up on my computer.”), we finally got down to business to talk about his life post-Nationals win and post-26th place at Worlds.

Read more here.


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