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​What Does a Tour de France Rider Eat in a Day?

July 6, 2017

​What Does a Tour de France Rider Eat in a Day?

I love writing about cycling nutrition (I mean, I wrote an entire book on it!) so obviously, when Bicycling wanted a piece on how and what riders in the Tour were eating in a day, I was super stoked. I got to chat with some great people, including Nicki Stobel, the head chef and nutritionist at Orica-Green Edge. I loved chatting with him because we spoke three years ago for a similar story, so checking back in with him and hearing about the changes that have happened in cycling nutrition since we last spoke was particularly cool. A few years ago, riders were all about gluten-free and rice was huge. Now, rice is still a staple, but most riders have added some breads and pastas back into their diets. It’s pretty cool realizing that there aren’t any major nutritional secrets in a regular day at the Tour: it’s all about high-quality, minimally-processed foods off the bike (in huge volume, of course) and whatever works best for riders—from gels to sandwiches—on the bike. Get the full lowdown here:

​What Does a Tour de France Rider Eat in a Day?


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