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Summer Exploits: Our Plan to Conquer BC

October 26, 2016

Summer Exploits: Our Plan to Conquer BC


Whistler—about two hours from Vancouver in beautiful British Columbia in Canada—is one of our favorite places on earth. Past host city of the (winter) Olympics, current home of Crankworx, Wanderlust and Ironman Canada, it’s a popular destination. And since we’ve spend a few weeks most summers out there to see friends and so Peter could race Crankworx, we knew it was a place we wanted to really spend some time in.

Combine that with me feeling somewhat at a loss for a new, fresh athletic challenge, and it boiled down to one thing. Well, not one thing. More like an escalating series of dares.

Read all about it over on The Consummate Athlete Podcast Page!

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  1. […] off to hit “Inbox 0” for the day, so I make sure they’re listed. Also right now, with Ironman training starting to ramp up, I’m trying to prioritize my daily workouts and get more serious about them, so making sure […]

  2. […] Before You Go // Just had a great talk in Cleveland, and nothing coming up until my BOOK LAUNCH in December—stay tuned for details on that. We just sent the final copy in yesterday, so I’m stoked. In the meantime, I’m on the road, and (as always) working remotely. So, I wrote up a few of my best tips! And speaking of remotely working, have you read about our insane plan for BC in August 2017? […]

  3. […] I’m loving Matt’s new book—not only is he one of my favorite nutrition experts to interview, but he’s also a fantastic writer. Iron War, his book on Mark Allen and Dave Scott’s epic Ironman battles is still one of my favorite reads of all time. He’s also known for his other nutrition book, Racing Weight. This one, though, is so ridiculously in-line with what I wrote about in Fuel Your Ride that I fell immediately in love with it. Now, that doesn’t mean if you read one, the other will be boring. Far from it. Rather, his book is great for reaffirming the concept that nutrition is a lot more simple (and, OK, a lot more complex) than we make it. He has five habits he outlines that make endurance athletes great, and I’m really excited having read this while just starting into base training for Ironman. […]

  4. […] kind of thing that can help push through crazy deadlines, keep my heart rate from spiking on the start line of Ironman Canada, and help us make some of the longer-term choices that are going to be looming in coming months. […]

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