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Running Safety Tips from a Self-Defense Pro

October 5, 2017

Running Safety Tips from a Self-Defense Pro

Running can be scary, especially as a woman. It’s not something I love admitting, but it is the truth. Sometimes, when I’m running in a city or town early in the morning, or in the woods mid-afternoon, I freak myself out and get a little overly paranoid. But the problem is, when you write about this stuff and stay immersed in the active community, you do know that stuff can go wrong, really fast. (It REALLY doesn’t help when I read murder mysteries at night…)

But the proactive approach is to be prepared, and be aware of your environment. That’s where Dan Gador, Krav Maga expert (and a guest on the Consummate Athlete Podcast talking about Krav Maga) comes in. Over at MapMyRun.com, he helped me come up with a few ways to stay safer while running. I cannot stress enough that these are all really simple, easy to put into practice things that you should definitely be doing… Check it out and please share with a friend!

Click here to read: Running Safety Tips from a Self-Defense Pro





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  1. Molly, the tips over at Map May Run were very valuable. More women need to learn how to protect and defend themselves not just on the trails or while running, but anywhere really. Well done.

    • Thanks so much!

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