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New Episodes of The Consummate Athlete Podcast: Mountaineering, Adventure, and HRV

June 1, 2016

New Episodes of The Consummate Athlete Podcast: Mountaineering, Adventure, and HRV

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Episode 7 – Marco Altini on HRV

Marco is a researcher and app developer from Italy. He has degrees in wearable technology and applied machine learning. Today you will learn how HRV can help anyone from new mothers to weekend warrior athletes to the most elite athletes optimize their health and performance.

Marco is also  the creator of HRV4Training, a smart phone app that is both simple and can be customized for different levels and applications. It is the best app I have found for tracking daily metrics, heart rate and HRV. The key features being the progressive iPhone Camera recording, that eliminates the need to carry a heart rate strap for morning measures.

Listen to the podcast here, and check out Peter’s post on HRV and using HRV4Training App!

Episode 6 – Josh Whitmore

This is a great episode with Josh Whitmore. We touch on a few concepts we will keep coming back to including relationships while doing multiple sports, fitting it all in, training for multiple sports, when to specialize and when to ‘retire’.

Josh also brings some interesting stories about growing up on a commune and transferring that communal living and living off-the-grid to being an adventure guide and eventually finding a more routine lifestyle teaching outdoor skills in a college setting.

Listen to the podcast here.

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