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Interbike Survival 101: Healthy Habits

September 20, 2016

Interbike Survival 101: Healthy Habits


I love Interbike and Las Vegas, I have to admit. But still, it’s a draining week, and in years past, it’s taken me a few weeks to recover from. This year, we came straight from Madison and the Trek CXC race and go straight to Iowa for Jingle Cross on Thursday night. So for me, not being completely exhausted and down a few pints is super important. So, healthy living in Vegas—not an easy task—is key.

Walk early, walk often

I think Peter and I recommend as the cure to pretty much anything. Vegas makes it easy to grab a cab, take the escalator, and generally not move a whole lot. Don’t fall into the trap: get out and walk (in fresh air when possible). Wear comfy shoes, too: you’ll be on your feet at a trade show all day, and trust me, heels will not make your calves happy. Just move around when you can, and you’ll feel a whole lot better.

Don’t drink (much)

This was one I learned my first year at Interbike. It’s so tempting to start in on beers at noon, and drink until 3AM, but when you’re also working around the clock, I make it a point to skip as many drinks as possible. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy going out and having the occasional glass of wine (margaritas tonight!), but I try to leave it at one drink, max two, so I can wake up and be in a good place to get work done. It’s easy to overindulge, especially if it’s your first trade show, but try to skip the booze for sparkling water when you can.

Have healthy snacks on hand

I love easy snacks like Justin’s almond butter, for a quick snack when there aren’t any good options on hand. I keep packets of that, and of individually-wrapped raw trail mix, in my purse for when I get a little hangry (or Peter gets a little hangry, whichever comes first). And OK, I admit, Justin’s is on my brain because I just interviewed him (!!), but I did that even before.

Take solo time

I try to stick to a couple of small routines, like a quick HRV test in the morning where I sit quietly for a few minutes. But I also try to get a few minutes of chill time to watch a quick video, read a chapter of a novel–just some solo activity to rejuvenate. I’m an introvert by nature, which makes shows like this fun but completely draining. I also end up staying up late/getting up early to work, and I try to do that in my room versus a loud coffee shop, just for some more relaxing time.

Sneak in quickie workouts and stretching

Case in point: I had a solo working-in-room dinner and a bit of time, so I pre-ordered a Chipotle salad a mile away, ran over and grabbed it, and then walked the mile back with it, and had a reasonably healthy meal after a decent workout. The next morning, I had a 6AM breakfast meeting a mile away, so same deal: instead of hopping in a cab, I just jogged over and ran back for two miles of running before work. It’s all about sneaking it in when you can. I also have been sticking to my AM yoga routine while here, and it helps, a lot. (And most casino hotels have gyms, they just don’t make them super easy to find.)


Greens powder + protein powder for fast boost

This has been my latest go-to: I mix a vanilla whey protein powder with a cocoa greens powder with water for my vitamins, enough protein to keep me from going for junk food, and a whole bottle of water so I’m staying hydrated. Easy enough to mix in an airport while between flights, and enough good nutrition to mitigate some less-than-great choices.

1 fruit or vegetable per seated meal (at least)

It’s a good rule: this way, you’re not the boring one ordering salad after crappy salad (in Vegas, not super easy to find anyway). So I like this rule since it means I get to choose the fun food (ahem, burgers) but make sure it’s not the worst meal.

Take it in stride

It’s just one week of the year. We don’t party in Vegas like this everyday, and loosening up on fitness and health goals for a few days won’t kill you. Just try to not go too crazy.

Want more? Check out the Consummate Athlete Podcast for our latest episode on healthy travel!

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    1. Evelyn

      Have fun at Interbike! There are great tips for regular road warriors here. Thanks and I love the yoga app :-) Ev in VA

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    3. […] This one is a little ‘duh,’ but on the road, it’s easy to know that you should be eating fruits and veggies, but a harder proposition to actually make that happen. Case in point: we were just in Italy for a few days, and living out of hotel rooms. That meant dinners out, breakfasts at the hotel, and snacking rather than sitting down to lunch. Breakfast didn’t have a lot of fruit options served, so that was a bust. Snacking on the run meant maybe an apple, but not a salad. And dinner… Well, we wanted to experience really great Italian food, so cheese, meat and pasta were heavily featured, while veggies played a minor role. I regret nothing, but I know my stomach was way happier when we got to Girona on Monday and I started eating big salads for dinner and adding veggies to every meal again. […]

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