Embrace Outside with Molly Hurford

Fuel Your Ride and Other Book Testimonials

Coach Frank Pike showing off the books he’s been lending out to clients!

“Recently, I read your book Fuel Your Ride and it has become a game-changer for me as well as a couple of my athletes I coach. Two of my athletes who I have only been working with for couple months were having some inconsistency in their training. They would hit numbers on one day and next not be able to and they were not really progressing thru training blocks and seeing an increase in performance. After many discussions about nutrition and the role it plays in training, I set out on a mission to find some resources to help them as I only have expertise in coaching and only provide very general nutritional guidance. That is when I found your book and read it cover to cover on one plane ride! Not only was it good for me as an athlete (I still train and race here in Colorado) but I could now provide a detailed nutrition plan for my two struggling athletes. After several weeks of being on better nutrition and using the nutrition periodization you write about in your book, they are hitting numbers and consistently having successful training blocks!” —Frank Pike, CO-based coach


“I picked up two of Molly’s books (Saddle, Sore and Fuel Your Ride).  I enjoyed them very much and thought that she covered the topics very well. I’m reasonably well-read, but these helped fill in some knowledge gaps. On the nutrition front,  I’ve been under-eating during long races so I’m hoping to have eliminated that problem at the TSE this year.” —R.