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Should You Get Busy the Night Before a Big Ride?

I do love writing about nether regions… so this article for Bicycling on if sex pre-race was good for you was right up my alley! While many racers cite Greg LeMond’s famous anecdote about getting busy during the Tour de France as support for …

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Rules of Running

I did some writing for Nylon mag and I am so freaking stoked! I once faked passing out in gym class in order to skip the dreaded physical fitness test mile run. I cheered on Anne Perkins in Parks and Rec when she said, …

On MapMyRun.com: Your Guide to Run Layering

I don’t just write about bikes! I’ve actually been doing a lot of work with MapMyRun about training for running greatness. And, with winter coming, this article was particularly fun to write—and informative for me, too! The Runner’s Guide to Fall Layering

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Outdoor Edit // Chilly, Wet and Rainy

  We’re up in Ontario for a week so I’m taking serious advantage of time outside and time in one place. We’re even farm-sitting for a few days! But the weather is starting to turn, temps are dropping and rain is more and more …

Interbike Survival 101: Healthy Habits

I love Interbike and Las Vegas, I have to admit. But still, it’s a draining week, and in years past, it’s taken me a few weeks to recover from. This year, we came straight from Madison and the Trek CXC race and go straight …