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Fashion Doesn't Have to Be Fancy

We recently had our good friend Charlotte over for a visit (and I am so freaking excited to have her on our podcast!)… In the couple days she was around, she and I got to shred on mountain bikes a few times, chill on the beach, and chat …

Travel on a Budget: Space Savers & Organizational Lifesavers

When you’re traveling for more than a couple days, packing and dealing with life in general can get freaking crazy—and annoying. I hate when my stuff explodes everywhere in our rental/hotel/van, and Peter hates it even more. So, I’ve started to get (a little) …

The 8 Things Outdoor Adventurers Should Spring Clean

Spring has sprung, and that means spring cleaning! I always loved it as a kid: I would (seriously) pull everything I owned out of closets, shelves, and drawers, stack it in the middle of my room, and then… put it all back, getting rid …

Pack the Perfect Bag for Runs and Workouts

I do love a good packing article. And a good running article. Really, this was the most fun thing I could possibly write, over at MapMyRun.com: Pack the Perfect Bag for Runs and Workouts