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There's Always an Excuse—But Is That Bad?

I’ve been getting a free pass at races lately, especially when things don’t go so well. But then again, so is everyone else. It seems like every time I talk to someone and mention what I’ve been doing—lots of travel, lots of work, the …

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Making Crow Happen—Finding Inner Something at Yoga

I’m not much of one for finding inner peace or using my third eye or whatever. Not that I don’t want to be, just that I’m… well, I’m a more practical yogi, I suppose. I just like doing it as something different, and something …

Five Things Friday—This Is Race Season

Hot Yoga I found the yoga class of my dreams. I’ll write more about this place later, but I’ve been there every day in the past 2 weeks that wasn’t a race day or pre-race day. It’s Vibe Yoga in Redwood City, and I …

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Five Things Friday—We're Bike Racing Now

This poor post has been taking a backseat for the past week while I worked to get Saddle, Sore out, but we’re back! The MTB Season Opener We left the beach in Oxnard for the 909 in SoCal for the first MTB races of …

Just Spectating—Motivational Racer Therapy

I haven’t been feeling awesome the past few days. maybe it was stress from work, or getting Saddle, Sore finally out and available. Maybe I was a little sick, maybe it was the stress of packing up and moving, or maybe it was the …

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Saddle, Sore is OUT!

Today is the day and Saddle, Sore is officially out and available. I’m super stoked about how it turned out! Buy it directly here, or check out the SaddleSoreWomen.com website and get it there!

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Afghan Cycles Documentary Needs Your Help

Afghan Cycles is an amazing project, spurred on by several amazing women I’ve been lucky enough to get to know in the past year. Behind the Afghan Cycles project is Shannon Galpin, and thanks to her efforts, Afghanistan now has a national team of …

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