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The Best Smartwatch for Every Type of Cyclist

October 3, 2017

The Best Smartwatch for Every Type of Cyclist

Over at Bicycling magazine, we spend A LOT of time in the office debating various new electronics (in addition to every other type of bike gear, of course). So, when my editor asked me to do a roundup of which smartwatch would work best for different types of cyclists, I was a little nervous. I knew I’d be dealing with a lot of really opinionated voices with definite ideas of what makes a watch great. It was a pretty time-consuming process, between talking to staff who’d been testing / buying personally because we’re all gear nerds different types of smartwatches, plus reading up on the pros and cons of the popular ones. Personally, I have an Apple Watch Series 2, and you’ll notice I talk about it in the article as an ideal watch for a certain type of person, but it’s definitely not one I’d recommend to everyone. Really, the smartwatch for you as a cyclist depends on what you want to do with it… so check out the article and see if I wrote about what would work best with your lifestyle! And if you have another type of watch that I didn’t mention, I’d love to hear about it.

Click here to read: The Best Smartwatch for Every Type of Cyclist



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